We Would Love to Keep Your Family Member Company this Winter

Retiree and nurse reading bookIt seems like Vancouver’s winter weather is finally upon us. For many, this is when winter anxiety starts and it has nothing to do with the winter blues and snowstorms. Many people find this time of year stressful if they have elderly loved ones who have mobility issues or are susceptible to winter loneliness.

If you have an elderly loved one who lives alone then you probably know the worry and angst that can come with making sure they are okay and are taking care of themselves. In the winter months it is especially hard to check up on our loved ones because of the holidays; it would be a relief to know that there was someone who could do this for you on a regular basis.

That’s where having in-home companion services can save the day. Companion services for seniors fill many roles. Caretakers can serve as helpers for the seniors, assisting with such tasks as meal preparation, shopping and light household chores. Caretakers will also ensure that their client attends doctor’s appointments and takes their medications on time, in the correct doses.

Having these kinds of assurances means you and your family can rest easy knowing that, even though you’re unable to be there, someone can be. Our caretakers develop personal relationships with their clients and always have their best interests at heart. You will know that they are always cared for and treated with respect.

A live-in caregiver can provide an additional peace of mind for loved ones during severe weather conditions. In the event of a bad storm and potential snowed-in situations, you know that someone can be there in the home with your elderly family member to make sure they are okay.

If you have a senior family member who lives on their own and that you are concerned about, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss how our services work and consult with you on the best solutions for your circumstances.

After a discussion with our dedicated and professional staff, we promise you will feel better about allowing your loved one to remain in their home and keeping a degree of independence that they might not otherwise be able to maintain. Give us a call today at 604-945-5005.