Respite Care

Caring for your loved one can be a fulfilling experience, but the mental, physical, and emotional demands often can be overwhelming. No one is equipped to do it alone, making respite care in Vancouver an excellent choice for many families. Accepting help from others allows you to preserve your own health and the health of your loved one.
Senior in-home respite care from Safe Care Home Support provides caregivers with breaks from their daily caregiving routines. Whether you need to run an errand, attend an event or simply take time for self-care, our skilled caregivers allow you to take a break without worry. We provide care on your schedule, whether it’s for a few hours or days.

After an initial consultation with your family, we’ll arrange an in-home visit to determine whether our respite care in Vancouver is right for you. Some of our respite services include:

  • Personal care (grooming, bathing, and dressing)
  • Housekeeping (dishes, cleaning sheets, and folding laundry)
  • Meal preparation
  • Outside errands (dry cleaning, medication pickup)
  • Transportation to doctor’s appointments