Safe Care and Community Living Month in BC

Safe Care Home Support

Community Living Month

For the 19th year in a row, British Columbia is celebrating Community Living Month. Each October, BC takes time to raise awareness of people with disabilities, and celebrate their inclusion in our society.

About Community Living Month

During Community Living Month, our province acknowledges the fact that communities flourish when everyone is able to contribute to them. When differently abled people participate in public life, our communities are enhanced and our lives feel more complete. At Safe Care Home Support, we enthusiastically welcome Community Living Month each October.

Developmentally disabled British Columbians add a great deal to our communities in the Lower Mainland. Whether it’s at work, school or simply at home, we are proud to see them participate fully in public life. And our mission at Safe Care Home Support is to help them do that successfully.

This month is the time we celebrate our developmentally disabled neighbours and their contributions to our communities. Community Living BC has found many ways to help educate the public about our differently abled neighbours and what they bring to our towns and cities. CLBC has helped plan and publicized events like inclusion chains and the Inclusion Art Show around the province.

The role of Safe Care Home Support

Safe Care Home Support takes pride in assisting disabled people so they can live life to the fullest. Our reliable caregivers assist clients with duties like shopping, housekeeping and meal preparation. By providing ethical, efficient and kind in-home support, our caregivers make it possible for people to live with dignity at home, not in impersonal institutions.

In addition to caregiving, we also offer companionship services. Safe Care Home Support’s companions escort clients to appointments, chat with them, help them decorate for holidays and even assist with baking. Whether clients are disabled, elderly, or rehabbing an injury, our companions provide emotional support and light assistance with day-to-day duties.

If you or a loved one needs assistance at home, contact us today. We have the expertise and people skills necessary to make life at home more manageable.