Lessening the Burden of Holiday Shopping for Seniors

senior woman with home caregiverThe holidays are a time of joy, parties, cooking, and shopping. Most people really look forward to the holidays. However, seniors may not find joy in the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping. They may not have family or friends who are able to help them out during the holidays. That is where our companionship services can help.

Family members are usually busy working and taking care of their own families and this makes it difficult to help anyone else during the holidays. Maybe your elderly loved one needs a companion to help out during the holidays. A companion can help take the stress out of the holidays for your loved one by helping with shopping. Shopping for everyday items can be a challenge for the elderly at this time of year because more people are out shopping and stores are much more busy. This means longer lines to check out and more traffic to deal with.

Woman Helping Senior Female With ShoppingSuch a busy time can be stressful for an older person. You can imagine how much more stressful holiday shopping can be for a senior. It would be so much better for that person to receive a little assistance getting around town to different stores for holiday shopping. With a little help, seniors can enjoy the busy time of the holidays like everyone else. And, if your loved one doesn’t feel like cooking, a companion can accompany them in dining out or can help with meal preparation after they are done with shopping.

Even if shopping isn’t a major concern, seniors often appreciate other services such as help with cooking and cleaning. Sometimes the companionship is greatly appreciated. This is especially true if other family members are unable to visit on a regular basis. A companion can play games, talk about interests and current events, help with writing, and provide appointment and medication reminders among other helpful services that can be provided.

Help your senior loved one to let go of the stress that arises during the holiday season. Discuss with them the benefits of having a companion to help them when you are unavailable. You will have peace of mind knowing they are having a joyful holiday season! Contact Safe Care Home Support at 604-945-5005 or visit www.safecarehomesupport.ca