Keeping Your Loved Ones Safe This Winter

Man shoveling snow at a footpathThe winter is an especially dangerous time for the elderly, it is cold and uncomfortable and extremely hard to get around thanks to the snow and ice. We know you worry about your loved ones more during this time of year so we’ve put together a list of suggestions to help keep them safe and happy all winter long.

    • Shovel their driveways/sidewalk
      This is fairly standard advice but since this year has been especially icy you will likely have to stop by more often to shovel snow and spread salt on their pathways.
    • Make sure they are stocked up on groceries
      Make sure they always have some canned goods and non-perishables on hand when they aren’t able to get to the store. Also, if you know the upcoming weather is going to be bad it’s always nice to drop off fresh fruit, meat, bread, milk etc so that they don’t feel pressured to leave home.
    • Learn their schedule and try to have someone available to offer rides
      If the roads are icy and they aren’t comfortable driving, make note of their appointments and engagements so that you can offer rides or coordinate rides for them. Creating a schedule makes it easier for you to plan in advance so you aren’t left scrambling to find a ride.
    • Make sure they have warm clothes
      This might mean digging their winter clothes out from the back of their closet or in storage so that they are easily accessible. Replace the summer coats on their coat rack with warm winter coats and scarves that are easy to grab when they are leaving home.
    • Check up on them regularly
      This is important so that you can be sure they are safe, well fed and happy. It is also important to help fight off the winter blues, a very real winter depression that affects many elderly people who are unable to leave their homes.
    • Make sure they can contact you
      It is important that they always have a way of contacting yourself or someone else to assist them. In case they get stuck, fall downn out of food or need some other form of assistance. They should carry a cell phone, especially when outside of the home.

If you’re worried about your elderly loved ones this winter, consider contacting us at Safe Care Home Support. We would be more than happy to look after your loved one for you. Keeping them safe and giving you peace of mind.