Keeping Seniors Safe And Comfortable During Winter Months

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Everyone needs to change his or her habits, lifestyle, and clothes to adapt to changing seasons. Seniors are no exception; in fact they might require some extra help with their day-to-day lives during the colder months. Services who help seniors in their daily lives can also help seniors to embrace the colder months as they bring new and changing needs.

Most people can be susceptible to seasonal depression, so it is important for seniors who are housebound to have a friendly caretaker by their side. This provides physical care as well as emotional and psychological care. A live-in or part-time caretaker can keep their patients company as the days get darker and it becomes harder to go outside. Friendship, conversation, games and outings that a caretaker is able to provide can help to combat the seasonal depression that everyone can face.

When going outside, a caretaker can help to make sure their patient is dressed warmly and adequately. Seniors who have trouble dressing should have their caretaker nearby to help them bundle up in their warmest layers so they are at a comfortable temperature both inside and outside. Proper socks, warm boots, long sleeves, sweaters, jackets, gloves, scarves and hats are essentials for cold weather outings.

When cold weather hits, or ice becomes a problem in freezing temperatures, caregivers should be there to assist seniors in getting to-and-from their car and house if they need to venture outside. It can be scary to know that a family member who struggles to get around will be venturing outdoors for any reason when there is ice on the ground. Our caretakers know and understand your family member’s physical limitations and are trained to move with them and assist them carefully in all weather conditions.

Safe Care Home Support can provide assistance for all of your family’s needs. All of our caregivers are licensed, experienced, and highly trained. We cover all aspects of personal care such as: eating, dressing, bathing, cleaning, transportation, medication management and more! Contact us today if you or a loved one needs help this winter season, call (604) 945-5005.