Is a Live-In Caregiver Right for You?

Assisting loved ones who have Post-Hospital-careunique needs, such as the elderly or ill, can be a challenge for the majority of people. It is a huge testament to the love shared between family members however there will almost always be some doubts about whether the patient is being provided with the proper care. In many cases the patient requires more specialized and constant care to maintain their quality of life. This is where a live-in caregiver can be a blessing. Knowing that there is someone who is devoted to providing 24hr care to your loved one is a huge relief and allows family members to return to their own lives also.

Our live-in caregivers provide constant support to their patients during daily activities such as bathing, dressing, eating, running errands, meal preparation, doctor visits and more. This allows the patient to live a normal life, going about their normal activities, while greatly reducing the risk of injury or accident. Our support is not strictly for the elderly; we also offer care for children and adults with a wide range of disabilities and conditions such as quadriplegia, paraplegia, dementia, post-surgery recovery and rehabilitation assistance.

One of the major services that sets us apart from the competition is that we assign back-up caregivers to every patient to ensure that there is always care available in the event that the regular caregiver is unable to work. We never want to leave your loved one without the care that they rely on so we do everything possible to ensure that our staff is there to look after them.

In addition to that we also offer free RN oversight for patients. Our registered nurse is a coach for your live-in caregiver and they will ensure that your caregiver provides the proper medical care and uses the right techniques for patient care. Our nurse will also collaborate with other medical providers to write a customized care plan for the patient based on their unique situation. This ensures the absolute best level of care for your loved one so you don’t need to worry constantly.

When choosing the right caregiver for your loved one we will conduct an extensive Complimentary Needs Assessment to build a caregiver profile that best matches your unique situation. This ensures that our caregiver will get along well with your loved one and is competent in handling their unique needs and challenges. We take into consideration our caregiver’s skills, education, personality, interests and background to provide the best match possible. All of our caregivers are thoroughly screened and monitored to ensure they are qualified to handle the unique needs of our patients.

Contact us today for a free assessment to find out if we can provide the right care for you or your loved ones.