Home Care Isn’t Just for Seniors!

Girl on wheelchair talking with female friendWhen people think of home care, they typically think of seniors who need help with living their daily lives while they choose to age in their homes. Although home care does provide this for seniors, there are other people in the population that can also greatly benefit from home care services. Anyone with physical or mental limitations that prevents them from safely living on their own can benefit from having a home care specialist to make sure they are living as safely, happily and healthily as possible. People who are ill, weak, or have just returned home from surgery may all require extra assistance in their daily lives that family members may not be able to completely fulfill.

People who are physically challenged or mentally challenged may need help in their day to day lives that family members cannot attend to because of jobs or other daily commitments. A caregiver can reduce the chance of burn out by an overworked family member because they are trained, licensed, and able to fully commit to taking care of the person in need.

Safe Care Home Support provides licensed and trained caregivers that, on top of the typical day-to-day care, can also oversee medication management and transportation to appointments. This is especially important for people who are ill, handicapped, victims of an accident, or who have just returned home from surgery. Some patients may not be able to administer their own medications or remember when they last took their medication. Our caregivers have medication schedules, can pick-up medications, communicate with the doctors, and manage patient’s dosages safely.

Our caregivers are able to assist with all aspects of life such as feeding, toileting, bathing, dressing, medications, and companionship. We also handle errands and housework such as trips to the grocery store and laundry. Safe Care Home Support is here to provide excellent care and service for everyone, not just seniors! Contact us today for more information; call (604) 945-5005.