Health and Happiness are Front & Centre as BC Hosts 55+ Games in Coquitlam

Thousands of Senior Athletes Maintain Health Through Competition

The 55+ BC Games is preparing for the annual event to occur in Coquitlam. Over 4,000 active seniors will play a wide range of sports and social activities during the event. The creators of the games are expecting massive amounts of locals to show in attendance. The event will occur from September 20th-25th. The 55+ BC Games bring together a mix of advanced and less experienced players onto the same teams at times to compete for a variety of medals. The players all appreciate the support they get from each community that hosts the games. Senior athletes get to meet and connect with other athletes from all over the country.

Seniors are remaining healthy and active by participating in the games. They use the games as a way to stay social and fit. If a senior athlete is no longer healthy enough to participate, they are welcome to watch and cheer on the participants while enjoying the fun, social atmosphere. This annual event is known to fill a stadium and seniors are encouraged to attend.

The games are a great way for seniors to interact socially and stay in shape. It is vital to the health of seniors that they remain fit in order to support their aging bodies, being physically fit reduces the risks of injury and improves energy levels and mood. Consider attending the games or joining a senior league and playing in the games next time they come around! For more information about how to maintain your health as you age or for other health care resources visit or call (604) 945-5005.