Get Peace of Mind With a Free In-Home Assessment

Senior In-Home AssessmentDo you worry about an older loved who lives alone? Maybe they are not as independent as they used to be, but they still want to live in their own home. This is where a freein-home assessment serves to give you and your loved one peace of mind.

A non-medical assessment can be performed by visiting your loved one in their home. An assessment will be made of the person’s abilities, disabilities, and needs. Some people are able to live independently, but still need a little help with daily activities such as medication administration, light housework, and cooking. Once your loved one’s needs are identified, a plan will be created to help them live optimally and as independently as possible.

A nursing assessment provides a more comprehensive investigation into your loved ones needs. An assessment of health concerns, medical conditions, necessary medical interventions, and the level of care that is needed will be made. If necessary, the care plan will involve coordination with other medical professionals.

Both types of assessments will result in developing a care plan, coordinating with other health professionals, making referrals, and if necessary, arranging for service delivery schedules.

By requesting an in-home assessment for your aging loved one, you will get the peace of mind you desire. You can rest assured a proper care plan will be developed based on your loved one’s needs. You won’t have to worry about their safety or if they are taking their medications. If they have serious medical issues, such as diabetes, you can rest assured they will receive their medications at the right time and in the correct amounts. This is an area where the elderly get confused and this can often have dire consequences. Getting medications in correct doses at the right time is crucial in controlling medical issues.

You will feel better knowing that your loved one is safe and being cared for. The extra help is often welcome because the elderly often recognize their limitations and understand the need for a care plan. If you or someone you know is in need of help with activities of daily living, schedule a free in-home assessment with Safe Care Home Support and get the peace of mind you deserve! Call us at 604-945-5005 or visit