Exercises for Seniors

Exercises for Seniors

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Exercise can be a part of your life no matter what your age, and, in fact, becomes only increasingly important as you get older.

Further, the older you get, the faster your muscles atrophy if you’re not regularly engaging in appropriate exercise, and this is a challenge to your muscles with appropriately intense exercise. Age-related muscle loss affects about 10 percent of those over 60, with higher rates as age advances, but you can prevent this from occurring if you exercise.

We have all heard about the many benefits of exercise — a healthier heart, stronger bones, improved appearance and flexibility — but exercise has many additional benefits, especially for seniors.

Some are worried that exercise will cause illness or injury, others think exercise means they have to do something strenuous, which they may not be capable of. What they may not realize is that it could be more of a risk not to exercise.

Seniors can benefit tremendously from regular exercise. The Centers for Disease Control reports that seniors have even more to gain than younger people by becoming more active because they are at higher risk for the health problems that physical activity can prevent.

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