What a caregiver offers

A caregiver provides support to the people taking care of the elderly beloved ones who face a rough time in coping up with life due to old age or some disease. A belief is there that if our parents remain alive, we feel fortunate enough in our life. But as the parents age more, they require more support as they become more dependent. Helping them becomes a full time job needing devoted physical support. In such cases the role of a caregiver becomes an important one. One can also choose the services of a live-in caregiver if parents require more physical and emotional support. A caregiver is a person who not only provides care to the people but also give unconditional love to them.

The caregiver has all the power in the world to make the visible difference in the life of that person. With the change in lifestyle care givers have become a much important part of our society and affects people from all walks of life irrespective of their race, lifestyle or level of income. Caregivers should demonstrate commitment and love and work on strengthening the relationships of people around them. The role and responsibilities of caregivers vary according to the needs of the people. Their services can range from weekly calls or visits to around- the -clock monitoring and supervision. Their duties consist of several roles like supervising elderly, taking care of their physical or mental needs, giving food and medicine to the elderly at proper time, taking to the doctor etc. A caregiver has to play an important responsibility of a health care specialist like serving as a middle anchor between nurses, pharmacists and physicians.

This has to be done with a lot of passion so that the needs of the patient can be met in a proper and safe manner. A responsible caregiver should be proactive and should have a know-all approach to organize appointments, ensure the necessary health care providers, be aware of therapies and medication and being considerate of the emotional and physical needs of the patients that they are taking care of. The task of a caregiver is a very important one as they have to manage under complex situations and have to maintain a fine balance between their family and the person that they are taking care of.

While taking care of others, the caregiver should in fact pay proper attention to themselves too. Live-in caregiver should not be overburdened and should not engage themselves around the clock all the time and definitely take a break from time to time. They should make it a point to give proper rest to their body by getting adequate sleep. They should eat healthy meals and exercise on a regular basis. Taking care of an elderly is in fact a highly rewarding job. One learns to strengthen the bonds with others and improve their relationship and give them the same love that they gave us when we were young.