Arthritis Care and Treatment

Arthritis Care and Treatment

To help you control your pain, maximize your joint movements, prevent or slow down joint damage, and stay as healthy and active as possible, your healthcare professional will use a multi-pronged treatment approach. Arthritis Care and Treatment will include:

• Medications to control pain and joint swelling
• Exercise
• Rest and joint care
• Complementary (alternative) therapies in some cases
• Surgery (for severe damage that severely impacts your daily life).

Arthritis Lifestyle & Management

Everyone living with arthritis has a different experience, although many basic aspects of the disease are common to all. Each person experiences the tenderness, pain, inflammation, and disability differently.

Coping and Support

Your own lifestyle and needs will direct how you adapt to your arthritis symptoms. The professionals on your healthcare team will be able to offer many coping strategies. The following approaches will make it easier:

Take Control of Your Disease

Devise a plan with the help of your physician and healthcare team that includes exercise programs, relaxation, and regular check-ups. Educate yourself so that you understand your own treatment regimen. Research shows that people who are in control of their treatment feel less pain and spend less time at their doctor’s office.

Find Support Groups and Other Resources

You can find support in your community or online. Bring your family and select friends on board. Sharing your own experiences, and hearing about other people coping with the same diagnosis can be helpful, educational, and empowering. Arthritis self-management programs teach people with arthritis about their disease and help them take charge of their own care.

Take Time to Relax and Enjoy

Take some time to yourself to enjoy your own private activities. These may include reading, listening to music, taking walks. They are all terrific ways to reduce stress and enjoy life.