Adjusting to Senior Living at the Home

Safe Care Home Support

Safe Care Home Support

A professional can help a senior get around the home, but an elderly person’s home should still accommodate his or her needs. The following are a few changes a senior’s home may need for safety reasons and peace of mind.


Wider Walkways

A loved one may be able to get around without much help, but there may come a time when he or she will need something like a wheelchair. This means the hallways or doorways need to be adjusted and a few additional inches will need to be added so that walkers or wheelchairs can pass easily.


Room Conversions


Going to an upstairs bedroom may not be a big deal for a healthy person, but a senior with mobility issues might have trouble with stairs at some point. It would be a good idea to consider room dividers to convert the living room into two rooms so that a senior can sleep downstairs and not have to battle the stairs every day to go to sleep.


Adjusting Bathroom

A bathroom could be a dangerous place for a senior with mobility or balance issues because of the water. This is the reason why additions such as holding bars or bathtub seats need to be considered. These additions can help a loved take a shower with a little more support, without the need of a supervisor.


Smart Homes

Technology is always moving forward, and some of these advancements can be helpful to seniors. A senior can install security systems with sensors. These systems include a sensor that detects issues like CO2 leaks, water leaks, fire, or floods and ensures that they get alerted before these become dangerous. Some smart sensors even detect if a person falls and ensures that the senior is assisted if the fall needs immediate attention through a monitoring service.


Even Flooring

Most people do not think about this, but some seniors might begin to have trouble with uneven floors, which could cause them to trip. It might a good idea to remove carpeting and look for uneven flooring in a house. These areas need to be straightened for safety reasons.

Of course, these are just some ideas, but those who are worried about their loved ones can talk to the specialists at Safe Care Home Support to find out more information. These caregivers know how to make senior home living a little safer.