A Holiday Gift Guide For Your Aging Family Members

Finding the Perfect Gift

Very happy grandfather receiving Christmas presentsJust because you love someone doesn’t mean you love shopping for them! Check out the unique ideas below to take the stress out of buying a gift for your elderly loved ones.

Fun Gifts

• A Weather Station shows time, weather conditions, and the forecast on an easy to read display. Cost: $150

• Load a tablet such as a Kindle Fire or iPad with apps that the recipient will enjoy such as the weather network, news channels and games. Cost: $100-$350

• Puzzle Books such as Crosswords, Word Finds and Sudoku can be packaged with a couple of nice pens for a complete gift! Many come in large print format, too. Cost: $5-$20

• The bird lover in your life will be enthralled with a Window Bird Feeder! These entirely clear bird feeders use suction cups to attach to any window and allow for perfect viewing of feathered friends. Include birdseed so it’s ready to use. Cost: $15-$30

Practical Gifts

• A Keurig makes it simple to brew a cup for one. Purchase some coffee, tea, or hot chocolate K-cups or Pods to complete the gift. Cost: $70-$130

• An essential oil diffuser is an easy & healthy way to humidify a room and keep it smelling great, plus essential oils have many benefits such as relaxation or relief from headaches. Cost: $30-$70

• Prevent falls with a Bath Safety Grip. Cost: $10-$20

• A Handybar, a 3-in-1 mobility safety tool, helps the elderly get in and out of cars easily. Cost: $35

• Help your loved one stay warm with a Heated Throw Blanket. Cost: $30-$50

Personalized Gifts

• Create a Personalized Photo Gift at Shutterfly.com. A calendar, mug, deck of playing cards, or puzzle made with pictures of loved ones will be cherished for years. Cost: $15-$40

• Load a Digital Picture Frame with favorite photos. Cost: $40-$100

Experience Gifts

What your elderly loved one may desire more than anything you can purchase is time with you. You can spend time together cooking, playing games, dining out, working on household projects, or reminiscing about the past. If distance makes it difficult to get together in person consider using FaceTime or Skype to spend time together through video calling. Cost: Varies

Monthly Gifts

Enroll your loved one in a Gift of the Month Club that delivers items such as flowers, chocolates, tea, coffee, or fruit, or you can create your own. You can deliver in person or ship cookies, books, or clothing each month. Magazine Subscriptions also make great monthly gifts. Cost: Varies

Visit www.safecarehomesupport.ca for more tools and resources to help you care for your elderly loved ones.