5 Apps that can Help Seniors Live Healthier Lives

The world of apps is vast and varied. Seniors may be less likely to know all that is available to them to be able to lead healthier and safe lives. There are so many apps that can make life more enriched for seniors. Safe Care Home Support has five recommendations for starters.

Video Chat Apps

There is nothing more wonderful than allowing someone who is recovering at home during post hospital care in Vancouver or someone receiving respite care in Vancouver than for them to be able to video chat in real time with family, especially grandchildren. FaceTime is an iPhone compatible app, while Skype is a Windows-based app. A caregiver can easily set this up on a phone or tablet.


Kindle Reader is an Amazon app for renting or buying books to read on online. The nice thing about Kindle is that users are able to resize the text and change the screen colour or brightness, making it easier for seniors who may have some visual impairment. Those in home palliative care in Vancouver can use an e-reader app to relax while dealing with an illness, especially if treatment requires sitting still during infusions.

Fitness Trackers

Seniors are often encouraged to get some exercise if possible. This includes any physical rehabilitation at home. A fitness tracker can be helpful in setting up fitness goals and tracking progress. Fitbit is worn on the wrist like a watch and tracks fitness levels, including movement and sleep. Any movement is tracked, even if it is rocking in a chair. The tracking can encourage seniors to be more active by rewarding them with a positive readout and achieved goals.

Medication Apps

Medisafe is a really great app for both a senior and for their caregivers. The app keeps track of medications and supplements and daily dosages. The app can also send reminders, keep an overview of medications taken, and check for any interaction between medications and supplements. This is a great tool for those dealing with dementia and the ones who take care of them. It is both IOS- and Android-compatible.

Virtual MDs

This category is a relatively new concept in the world of medicine. There are now apps designed for consultations with licensed medical doctors online from the comfort of home. This is especially nice for an elderly person who can’t easily get to a clinic when something comes up and they or the caregiver needs some advice from a medical professional. An example is EQ Virtual in British Columbia. You can access the virtual clinic from a phone or tablet to get medical advice, have medicines prescribed, or tests ordered. Not all services are covered by all health care plans, so it is wise to check these virtual clinics out and browse their FAQ sections.

In the world of technology, apps rule. There are many apps designed specifically with ease and the comfort of home in mind to help persons of all ages stay healthy and safe. For more information on support for those needing home care in Vancouver, please visit the Safe Care Home Support website.